SAP Hybris Webinar – 4 cornerstones for your success in e-commerce

Nowadays, e-commerce companies are faced with increasing competition. While the customers habits and expectations are growing faster than the broad mass of companies can react. Through the variety of offers for customers it is getting more difficult to get their attention and furthermore earn their brand loyalty. In our SAP Hybris webinar you will learn how to meet these challenges.

Ecommerce IT ‐ 29. March 2017


Whether B2B or B2C, Companies can only establish themselves in the market when they consistently keep their focus on their customers across all channels. SAP has recognized the sign of the times and created just the right software suite: SAP Hybris is the complete solution for customer engagement and commerce. SAP has recognized the sign of the times and created just the right software suite: SAP Hybris is the complete solution for customer engagement and commerce. SAP Hybris offers a components for the entire customer journey that closely interlock with one another. This prevents silo formation and ensures that all of your data is available anywhere and at any time. Technical tools alone are not enough, though. The customer experience is inextricably linked with brand management. You can only develop long-term customer loyalty when you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and offer a consistent brand experience.

As a certified SAP Hybris Silver Partner and expert for brands and e-commerce, Medienwerft is your service provider for the entire customer journey at all touchpoints. Thanks to our partnership with FIS GmbH – an SAP Gold Partner and one of the largest SAP companies in Germany – we are also able to handle the entire SAP integration for you. Based on our experience, we have prepared the most important information on the topic of customer engagement for you so that you can get your company ready for the future.


In a 45-minute SAP Hybris webinar, our Managing Director Hendrik van Laaten, together with the FIS Group, shows you how you can unite e-commerce, marketing, sales and service to ensure more satisfied customers and more sales. The content includes:

  • General information on the topic of customer engagement and commerce
  • Specific technical use cases

[The webinar is currently unavailable]


In an interview with the decision-maker portal IT-Online magazine, Hendrik van Laaten explains what customer engagement and commerce offers beyond traditional CRM, and the opportunities it provides for your company. Customer relationship management (CRM) has become an established field for managing and maintaining customer relationships. Customer engagement and commerce goes a step even further, so that the customer can find personalized content at all times and at all touchpoints. Find out more about what this can mean for companies:



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