BAUR Versand
Nearly 10 years of intensive cooperation

Nearly 10 years of intensive cooperation have created a lasting bond between BAUR Versand and us. How does one continue to develop over so long a period? Only with a commitment to top performance in e-commerce.

The Task

The task that awaited us in 2005 was a total revision of the leading German platform for the mail-order business. The requirements were and have remained high: Corporate design was to receive as much consideration as the system’s functionality and flexibility. Moreover, the design was to follow the objective of making the BAUR shopping experience a special one and, naturally, to convert it to best effect.


  • Strategy planning
  • Consulting
  • Conception
  • Creation
  • Front-end programming
  • Online marketing
  • Creating online advertising material
  • Texts, editorial support
Online Marketing
Social Media


Medienwerft developed for BAUR Versand an entirely new design and interface that further emphasizes the independence of the BAUR brand. The site demonstrates very clearly how it is possible for a universal shipper to combine sales promotion with image-boosting brand communication. That this is a marathon rather than a sprint is evident from the many years that Medienwerft and BAUR Versand have been working together.


One of the greatest challenges in our work with BAUR Versand is without question the intensely focused process of improving the entire platform, which continues to undergo further optimization on the basis of statistical findings and detailed monitoring and through adjustment to a multitude of marketing activities. This also involves continual exchange between us concerning new possibilities for improving the content in detail, incorporating new technologies, or giving a fresh impetus to the entire platform with new ideas derived from what goes on over the Web.

About the client

Dr. Friedrich Baur established Germany’s first mail-order shoe business in 1925 in the Upper Franconian town of Burgkunstadt. Its spectacular success began with bulk ordering on an instalment plan. Today BAUR is incorporated into the Otto Group as a multichannel provider with approximately 3,900 employees and, in addition to its catalog and Internet business, it is active in the offline retail sector. In its mail-order business, BAUR concentrates on offering products in the fashion, footwear, and furniture categories. The Group’s sense of social responsibility is reflected in its selection of products and suppliers based on considerations of origin, quality, and environmental compatibility. More than 30 percent of all orders from its roughly four million customers are already coming in over the Internet, and is consistently among the top 10 German Internet shops.
Its Internet business currently accounts for roughly 80 percent of its sales volume.


2005 to the present