Award-winning social video commerce

There really is no other way to say it: With our client TVINO, we have made a crucial contribution to the development and advancement of video commerce in Germany. It goes without saying that we were particularly pleased to do so in a setting replete with outstanding personalities and exquisite wines.

The Task

The initial proposition was anything but inspiring: “Develop a new kind of social video commerce platform with a connection to our SAP inventory management system.” But that came to include brand development, building the entire online platform, and designing, creating, and realizing the entire market launch campaign. All for sommeliers who introduced wines, vintners, and related topics live and in an unusual way on an online shopping platform.


  • Strategy planning
  • Consulting
  • Conception
  • Design
  • Programming
  • Maintenance
  • Online marketing
  • SEO
  • App development
  • Social media consulting
  • Creating online advertising material
  • Texts, editorial support
  • Medienwerft EnterpriseCommerceSolution Frameworks
  • Application Server WebObjects
  • Oracle DB
  • FactFinder
  • Sun hardware with Solaris as operating system
  • Flash and HTML5 video players
  • Connection of a CDN for videos

Medienwerft set out on an altogether new e-commerce path in 2009 with its concept for TVINO: In lavishly produced video episodes, wine experts presented choice wines in an entertaining way. What is novel about TVINO, apart from the new social video commerce format itself, is the integrated purchasing capability. At suitable points during the broadcast, the wines that are being discussed appear in a window right next to the film. The viewer can retrieve additional information such as the price, the type of grape, and the area of cultivation, or place a product in his shopping cart with a single click. For the first time ever it is possible to fill a shopping cart without interrupting the video as one watches an episode. The customer can conveniently submit his order at any time by proceeding to the checkout page. With TVINO, Medienwerft has given us an impressive picture of what video commerce can look like. It is not just the Web TV format that has favorably impressed the target group; the prospective wine buyer also appreciates the integrated ordering capability as good service. The system is based on Medienwerft’s proprietary e-commerce solution, which has been undergoing continual improvement since 2000.

Online Marketing
Social Media


One of the biggest challenges was to create an entirely novel, uniform, and high-quality customer experience in the e-commerce realm through all channels (shops, videos, and mobile apps). It called for developing a pioneering e-commerce concept that properly reflected the new trends in the social media world, one that, in conceptual, marketing, or technical terms, went beyond anything yet seen. Apart from technical flexibility and innovative strength, successful implementation called for incorporating a number of different parties at the design level (among them the client’s managers, sales and marketing department, IT staff, and future editorial team). Only then could this highly innovative, award-winning project be realized in the shortest time possible.


The Online Shop Jury Innovation Prize 2009

About the client

TVINO is a video commerce service of Hanseatisches Wein- und Sektkontor and has been moderated since 2009 by, among others, the sommeliers Hendrik Thoma and Stephanie Döring. The video commerce portal presents the whole world of wine in an innovative and easy-to-understand manner. In numerous videos (featuring, among others, Gérard Depardieu, Tim Mälzer, and German star vintners such as Philipp Wittmann), wine knowledge, personalities, and insider tips are coupled with an attractive selection of wines that are offered for sale, thereby creating value added. Viewer participation through the use of social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter also conforms to the standard for the service. had yet to complete the first half-year of its existence when it was awarded the prestigious “Online Shop Jury Innovation Prize 2009”. In Germany this prize is regarded as the highest mark of distinction for innovative concepts in the online mail-order business.


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